0:12 Overview of the data visualization front-end
2:28 Quick explanation of the back-end

Individual Project

Mainly December 12 – February ‘13, on-and-off on my free time.

Applied Skills
■ Back-end: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, REST, Full-text search & Ranking, Python, Semi-structured Data (XML, JSON) 
■ Front-end: HTML/CSS, Javascript (jQuery, BackboneJS), Bootstrap, ProcessingJS, Information Visualization


Problem: Existing web services for nutrition contain incomplete and inaccurate nutrient data and don’t support the variety of diet goals, often limiting them to weight loss.
Solution: NutriMate is a web application that helps health and fitness enthusiasts create and compare meal plans to achieve their nutrition goals. I’ve built a database of over 8,000 foods with their complete macronutrient & micronutrient values; a platform-agnostic REST API to access the data, and a data visualization prototype for diet planning, available online at