Individual Project

Feb '14 – Jul '14, on-and-off on my free time

Applied Skills
Computer Graphics, Augmented Reality, C++, Obj.-C, OpenGL ES, Bullet Physics


Problem: I wanted to take up the challenge of building and releasing on the App Store an entire 3D game that uses vision-based Augmented Reality in a novel way to enrich the gaming experience.
Solution: AsteRoids is a 3D Augmented Reality game for iPhone & iPad that brings the first-person shooting experience to the real world: the player moves with the device to aim and shoot at all asteroids on his journey to Earth. Whereas other augmented reality apps try to hide the marker image (needed for the augmented reality system to work) by putting virtual objects on top of it, I found a creative way to embed it into the game's story: the image becomes a window into space when seen by the player through the iPhone/iPad camera. To make the game engaging, I implemented GPU-accelerated 3D graphics, physics, and visual effects such as particle systems, skyboxes, and billboards.