I believe in empowering people

by creating interactive experiences that fit human needs and capabilities.

I'm currently working as a Software Engineer at Apple.

Scientific Thinking

I use analytical reasoning and empirical evidence to examine, model, and evaluate systems in new contexts of human-computer interaction.

Informed by a solid foundation in Mathematics and Computer Science, I am well-equiped to solve challenging problems.

While being a student, I have conducted scientific research and have published at ACM CHI, the world's premiere conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Technical Knowhow

I build software prototypes to let the team quickly test new concepts and learn from experience. My knowledge informs the design process with a first-hand understanding of technical constraints and possibilities.

I have worked on mobile, wearable, and web applications, cross-device communication, computer graphics, computer vision, and machine learning.

My passion for programming and learning new technologies drives me to expand my technical skills every day.


My understanding of design, technology, and cognitive science helps bridge the gap between designers, engineers and researchers.

I openly collaborate with people from multiple disciplines and like to have my preconceptions challenged.

I value Human-Centered design methods and adapt these methods to work with the stakeholders and project goals.